Sunday School

Sunday School is the "backbone" of Lynn Garden Baptist Church! This is where we develop relationships, study the Word, minister to each other and carry out the Great Commission! Classes meet from 9:45 am through 10:45 am each and every Sunday and we have classes for everyone. The table below shows a complete list of all our classes. All you have to do to be a part of a class is show up!



SB = Sanctuary Building
EB = Education Building




Couples /Singles Class:
Mature Couples and Singles


(SB) Bottom floor - right of elevator

Crusader’s Class:
Mature Men

(EB) Chapel on 1st floor

Bethany/Ruth Class:
Mature Women

(EB) 1st Floor

Dorcus Class:
Mature Women

(EB) 1st Floor, preschool area

Young Adults Class:
Younger Couples and Singles

(EB) 2nd Floor

Men’s Class:
Mature Men

(SB) Downstairs classroom

Bridges Class:
40s/50s Couples and Singles

(SB) Downstairs classroom

Student Ministry:
7th – 12th Grade Students

(EB) 3rd Floor

Children’s Classes:
1st – 5th Graders

(SB) 3rd Floor

Preschool and Nursery Classes:
Birth – Kindergarten

(EB) Nursery Area 1st Floor