Deacon Ministry

If you have a ministry need, please contact your active deacon. If you want your deacon to contact you, please call the church office. The contact info of your deacon is not provided on this website for security reasons.

List of Deacons

Active Deacons

Inactive Deacons

Paul Bowman (2026)

Mickey Bush

Roy Chapman (2025)

Steve Byrd

Steve Fletcher (2024)

Doug Clark

David Hammonds (2026)

Tom Gilbert

Gale Osborne (2024)

Kenny Lawson

Freddie Puckett (2026)

Randy Livesay

Allen Rhoton (2026)

Larry Lyon

Glen Rogers (2025)

Bill McNutt

Michael Strickler (Chairman)(2024)

Kay Pierson

David Vicars (2024)

Joe Smith


Joe Stallard


Bill Thurman


Louis Trivette


Andy Walters


Jasen Wells