The LGBC prayer chain is our electronic phone system that provides a 24/7 prayer hotline for those who have urgent prayer requests.
To be added on the prayer chain, call the church office and request that your telephone number be added. If you are currently on the prayer chain and have missed a call, you can dial 877-698-3261, then dial 1 for the last prayer chain request of that day.
If you have a urgent prayer request that you would like placed on the prayer chain, please contact Shirley Hopkins.
The prayer chain is also used to help the church notify everyone of severe weather, cancellation of a service or important church news.
Please feel free to call the church office with any questions or concerns about the prayer chain.

Weekly Prayer Meeting

Who: Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend
What: Prayer Meeting and Bible Study* **
When: Wednesday Evenings at 6:00 pm
Where: Fellowship Hall (basement) of Sanctuary Building
* On the fourth Wednesday of each month, a brief business meeting is also included.
** The current Bible study focuses on the book of Ruth.

Ruth – Love and Faith in Action

Comprised of only four chapters, the book of Ruth tells a short, but epic story of love, devotion, and unwavering faithfulness. The characters in the book of Ruth are relatable, everyday people like you and me grappling with life’s difficult situations and decisions. Ruth was a woman of meager means and very few options, but her story reveals how God can use acts of ordinary faithfulness, devotion, and love to further his extraordinary plan of salvation.
Come join us downstairs in the fellowship hall at 6:00 pm each Wednesday.