Pastor’s Message

One reason so many of us are stressed out today is we’re rarely content with what we have.  We always want more — If I just had more money, then I would be content . . . . If I were a bit more intelligent . . . . If I were more good looking . . . If we had a bigger house, a newer car, … more, more, more.  It’s a never-ending pursuit of something that is always just beyond our grasp. 

The Bible shows us another way, though.  The apostle Paul said, “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content” (Philippians 4:11).  Paul was in prison when he made that statement.  Paul’s contentment was not based on his circumstances, but on his relationship with Christ.  Paul focused on eternal life, the love of God, and the forgiveness of sins.  What he had in Christ was far greater than what he didn’t have in life!  It’s interesting that Paul used the term “learned” – “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.”   Paul reminds us that contentment doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s something that we learn.  As our relationship with God develops over time and through experiences, we learn to trust God more and ourselves less.  Some things have to be taught.  For instance, children are not naturally selfish.  We have to teach them to share. If you put a child in a room and give him/her a toy, they will be relatively happy. But when you bring in another child with another toy, look out!  Each child wants what the other has.  That’s human nature, and we don’t necessarily outgrow it.  So, we see that contentment doesn’t come naturally to us, because we’re not naturally content.  Contentment isn’t laziness.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to better yourself. It doesn’t mean you don’t have goals.  Contentment is enjoying what you have right now rather than waiting for something else to happen so you can be happy.
Think about it ……… What we have in Christ is far greater than anything we don’t have in life.  We have Jesus, and Jesus has us.  Therefore, we have everything we need for now and for eternity.  And that makes all the difference in the world.  Count your blessings and focus more on what you have and less on what you don’t!  Have a great week and let your light shine for Jesus this week.
Pastor Rick

Message From Andy (Youth Minister)

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”
–        Philippians 1:6

 I love seeing our church filled with children and youth worshipping God during Vacation Bible School!  The old saying goes that, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I believe it takes “AN ARMY” to put on a Vacation Bible School, and I want to thank each and every person who was involved in any way in making our VBS a success this year!

For our children and youth who don’t know Christ as Savior, we sowed seeds that, encouraged by prayer and continuing to reach out, will grow in their hearts.  And for those who do know Christ as Savior, they grew closer to God through worship and studying the Bible during VBS.  They all learned through Philippians 1:6 that Jesus works in them and through them for His Good and for His Glory.

For our adults and youth who served in so many ways – before, during, and after VBS – we were the loving hands and feet of Jesus that made this week possible.  We glorified Philippians 1:6 in that Jesus continues to work in us and through us for His Good and for His Glory. 

So now it is “Back to School” time.  Anyone who knows Kristy and me knows how much we love our summers off to spend with Luke!  The start of this school year is different, however, in that we are prayerful to begin 2021-2022 without the impact of COVID-19, and to get to know our new 3rd graders face-to-face.  Our children and youth (and teachers!) are craving an uninterrupted school year. 

Our summer here at Lynn Garden Baptist is one I will always remember!  Through VBS, FUGE, and Fantastic Fridays (not to mention our regular weekly activities), our children and youth have grown in The Lord, and I pray that they will face whatever challenges the new school year brings in a way that brings glory and honor to God.

Church Family – please pray for all our children, youth, and educators as we begin the 2021-2022 school year!



James’ Corner

In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Jesus tells us, “My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”  Have you ever had to claim these words of Jesus?  I have many times.  I remember several years ago I was asked to help in a funeral service.  The director told me that the pastor of the person would do the funeral message and I would have the scripture, prayer, and obituary.  The night of the service, I asked the pastor the order of service.  He replied that he would be doing the obituary, scripture, and prayer.  He said I would be preaching the message.  I told him he would be doing the message because I was not prepared to do the message.  He replied, “I’m not preaching it!”  About that time, the daughter came up to us and said, “If one of you preachers yells FIRE, neither one of you would have to preach a message!”  I felt so bad for the daughter.  I replied, “I will do it” and I did.  I received sufficient grace to get through the service.  Sometimes even us preachers try to shirk our responsibility just like other people often do.  If we go ahead and try in a tight situation, God will give us the needed wisdom and grace.  May we all be faithful in our work for the Lord.  His grace will be sufficient in all we do in His name.

Bro. James

Note from Kevin (Music Minister)

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we have had our “regular” church services. It was almost a year without a choir practice. And believe me, it was not easy missing out on that time with each other. There’s a song that Heritage has been rehearsing recently and I feel like it is continually stuck in my head, not a bad thing though. “Great is Thy Faithfulness” has almost became my “theme” for the past year. We do not know why we all had to deal with so many tough circumstances in the past year, and we may never know. But, I do know that through it all, God has been faithful. There have been times where we, I personally, have thought there’s no way that we can continue on, but the great songwriter, Thomas Chisholm, reminded us all in the lyrics in “Great is Thy Faithfulness” that He gives us “strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.”

We have had strength for today, and now I am having hope for tomorrow. The choir has resumed its regular Wednesday night choir rehearsal. I know that some still may not feel comfortable, and that is completely understandable. If you have any questions about reentering the choir or joining the choir for the first time, please feel free to contact me personally, or be at our next meeting.
Blessings in Song,


Message From Franklin Graham

We Cannot Remain Silent!

The Equality Act is a dangerous threat to our nation.

I am writing to you about a very dangerous piece of legislation — the Equality Act. The administration is wanting to pass this act soon. I cannot say this more emphatically — for people, for businesses, and for ministries of faith, the Equality Act is a threat to life as we know it in our nation today. It’s a real game-changer.

The House has already passed this legislation one time previously, so it will likely pass in the House again before moving on to the Senate. We need you to contact your congress member and U.S. senators and ask them to vote NO. I also encourage you to let the White House know about your strong opposition to this bill. The progressive Left is zealous about this issue and will pull out all the stops to try to make it the law of the land.
    • The Equality Act designates schools, churches, and healthcare organizations as “public accommodations.” With this, schools, churches, and hospitals could be forced to accept the government’s beliefs and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. That would be highly intrusive and incredibly far-reaching. It will threaten everyday speech where people can be fined or lose their jobs for using the wrong name or pronouns.
    • The Equality Act will use the force of law across all 50 states to strip Christian and other religious ministries of their right to hire people of shared faith to pursue a shared mission. Can you imagine a Christian organization being forced to hire people hostile to its deeply held beliefs who have no passion for its beliefs, teachings, and mission? That doesn’t work.

These are just a few examples. Friends, this is a pivotal time for our nation. The impact of this legislation is immense. We must not remain silent and accept what we know is wrong.

People of faith need to PRAY. Churches need to recognize the significance of this and pray corporately, asking for God’s intervention and mercy to extend the religious freedoms we have been blessed with for so long.

We also must get to work now, in these fleeting days before the Equality Act comes up for a vote again. As individuals, churches, and organizations, we need to let our representatives in the U.S. House and Senate know how important this is to us, and that we are asking them to vote an emphatic NO to the Equality Act.

Link to contact our representatives:


Franklin Graham

Message from Steve (SS Director)

How’s your knowledge of Scripture: 1) Extensive, 2) Above Average, 3) Average, 4) Below Average, 5) Minimal? Can you name the four gospels? How many of Jesus’ disciples can you name? According to the data from the Barna Research Group, 60% of Americans can’t name five of the ten commandments. Why do we believe what we believe about the Lord? It’s because of Scripture. However, if we don’t know it, how can we be sure of what we believe? Let me give a couple of examples. “The Lord helps those who help themselves”, is a statement we sometimes here, and according to 82% of Americans, it is a Bible verse. How many of us can correctly discern that it is not? A majority of adults think the Bible teaches that the most important purpose in one’s life if taking care of one’s family. Would you be able to refute that? So many false doctrines gain traction in churches because the members because can’t discern what is true and what is a lie.
In a recent Lifeway Research study, the following was revealed about Bible reading habits among those who attend church: 1) 19% – every day, 2) 26% – a few times a week, 3) 14% – once a week, 4) 22% – at least once a month, 5) 18% – rarely or never. Which category to do fit in? Are you surprised by # 5?
The point I’m trying to make is that biblical illiteracy is a big problem in churches across America. How can we really know the Lord if we are not avid students of His Word? A great way to get more familiar with the Word is by getting involved in a Sunday School class. You’ll get into God’s Word and you’ll learn more about who He is, what He desires, and what pleases Him. You’ll discover the timeless nature of this most unique of all books, and how the teachings contained in it apply to our daily lives. You’ll come to understand the importance of being in God’s Word on a daily basis, and be able to better discern truth from falsehood.
Not sure what class might be the best for you? Let’s get together and we’ll find one that is right for you!
Blessings in Christ!
Steve Byrd
LGBC Sunday School Director