Lynn Garden Baptist Church is partnering with You Turn Ministries to sponsor a new church in Mitundu, located in the central region of Malawi, Africa. The goal is to raise $9,200 for this exciting project. The $9,200 is broken down as follows:
  • $2,000 will make possible the construction of a new church building, a bicycle for the pastor, and 10 Bibles for the new church.
  • $1,200 will buy 200 Bibles in the Chewa language of the community where the new church will be built.
  • $6,000 will allow for the drilling of a new water well in the village where the church will be built.
The pastor of the church that we will sponsor will have attended a 2-year Pastor Training School sponsored by You Turn. The pastors attend this school for one week a month for 24 months. Churches are planted while pastors are in school so You Turn Ministries can walk alongside them through the planting, launching and maturing phases of a new church.
We already have approximately $6,000 designated for this project. If you would like to be a part of this project, please use a special offering envelope and write, “AFRICAN CHURCH & WATER WELL PROJECT” on the outside. Or, you can use our online giving option and write  “AFRICAN CHURCH & WATER WELL PROJECT” in the Comments box on the form.
For more information about You Turn Ministries, please click the button below.